German OV, English OV, Germany, 42min

Alemannia describes an essayistic journey of a Berliner to the Alemanni, a people derived from a Germanic tribe which is located in the region of Baden in Germany, sharing a common dialect. The story works on prejudices about the Alemannic homeland and interprets the found reality. Are all the cuckoo clocks, peasant life, Bollen hats, legends, songs, dances, costumes and carnival traditions not only a form of staging of a bygone era? 

The film searches for the essence of the Alemanni and examines the significance of an ideal world, according to the concept of home and of tradition in modernity. The VO leads us to the Black Forest, the Upper Rhine to Lake Constance, visiting nature and Alemannic inhabitants.


ALEMANNIA 42min Deutsch OF, English subtitles

ALEMANNIA 42min English OV

Buch, Regie | written and directed by: HENDRIK SCHÄFER Bildgestaltung | DoP: ANNE BOLICK Producer: MADLEN FOLK Production Manager: BIANCA LASCHALT Ton & Sounddesign: DOMINIK KOSTOLNIK Montage | Editor: INA TANGERMANN Musik | Score: SVEN OSTERHOLZ Motion Design: IRIS SCHWARZ

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